Bike Rental in Seis/Seiseralm


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A dinghy (raft) on the river is a simple description for this water sports. The word rafting comes from raft and is a very popular leisure time sports known all over the world. Characteristic for rafting tours is to navigate along wild water rivers of higher levels of difficulty with a dinghy.

Rafting is a nature sport, which can be regarded as very safe due to the safety measures in place. Rafts have a capacity of approx. 8 to 12 people and are made from special rubber, which keeps the air in the chambers, but is still of very low weight.

Tour Isarco 1

Children from 6 years: 100.00 €
Adults: 100.00 €


Tour Isarco 2

From 16 years: 100.00 €


Tour Isarco 3

From 18 years: 100.00 €


Included in the rate: Guide, equipment, entry fee and transfer.
Board not included!
Rate per person!