Bike Rental in Seis/Seiseralm


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Canyoning... just follow the water!

Many roads lead to the valley. When you follow the traces of water, you can see nature from its most beautiful side.

From a technical point of view, canyoning includes sliding, jumping, swimming, climbing and abseiling.

From a human point of view it includes adventure, fun and leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. Focusing on how to face challenges, how to find safety in a team and how to test your own limits.

We are lucky to have crystal-clear water in the mountains, small waterfalls, grottos, and steep rock walls... hence, a broad range of alpine beauty. During the tours our guests experience freedom, incentive and challenges. During the varied activities like sliding, jumping, swimming, abseiling and hiking through gorges, trust and team work continuous to grow. In the gorge, the cooperatioon of body and spirit is required in order to have great fun during this unique adventure.

Children up to 16 years: 110.00 €
Adults: 110.00 €


Included in the rate: Guide, equipment, entry fee and transfer.
Board not included!
Rate per person!